Charity Baaitse Biography: Age, Husband, Rumours, Children, Cars, Travel

Charity Baaitse Biography: Age, Husband, Rumours, Children, Cars, Travel

Oct 10, 2019, 02:57 PM

Talk about beauty and brains, Charity Baaitse is a full package. 

Businesswoman, fashion mogul, travel enthusiast, economist, mom, pastor’s wife…these are just some of the titles that Charity Baaitse holds. 

She is an inspirational woman who has managed to achieve many great things for someone her age and lives a life that many of us can only dream of. 


Charity Baaitse was born in the rural area of Serowe – the birthplace of Botswana’s first president Sir Seretse Khama.

Like the President, Charity did not allow her rural upbringing to stop her from dreaming big and achieving her goals. 


 Charity celebrates her birthday on July 7. She is 34 years old.


The businesswoman and socialite believes that education is the key to success. 

She is a qualified accountant with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting.

After completing grade 12, she furthered her studies at the University of Botswana. Although she initially wanted to study Bachelor of Science or Medicine because she wanted to become a Dr, she says destiny chose for her to study accounting. A good choice, looking at how she is now successfully running her own businesses!
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Charity’s work

After obtaining an Economics and Accounting degree at the University of Botswana, Charity didn’t venture into business immediately. She worked in the banking sector for four years. 

She was a compliance officer for Standard Chartered Bank and an Investment Banker at African Alliance. But she felt she was in the wrong career field, so she left the corporate world to build her own brand.


Charity is a perfect example that one should never undermine small beginnings and should start with whatever they have. She started her boutique business Materialgirlz in a small store selling her own clothes. The boutique has been running for six years. She launched it in 2013. 

Materialgirlz is located in Mowana Park - an upmarket shopping centre catering for the needs of shoppers in Phakalane and the surrounding areas.

Charity started the business by selling her own clothes, which were loved by many of her clients.  

Her boutique grew so much that she branched into the whole of Africa. The boutique specialises in off-the-runway dresses, stunning bridal gowns, cosmetics and jewellery. 

In an interview with Mmegi in October 2019, Charity’s husband Kgosi revealed that Charity has landed a good deal in the US, but didn’t reveal what it is. We cannot wait to find out!   
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Whether picking up casual basics or red-carpet-worthy looks, Charity’s boutique is the go-to store for actors, singers, and businesswomen. She dresses the biggest names on the continent. 

Some of her clients include business mogul and veteran actress Connie Ferguson. Connie even wears Materialgalz outfits on the set of The Queen Mzansi - one of South Africa’s biggest drama series. 

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South Africa’s award-winning singer Nhlanhla Nciza is also one of the celebrities who is dressed by Charity’s Materialgalz. Nhlanhla even travels to Botswana to shop at the boutique store.
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Another South African star who is dressed by Materialgalz is Zenande Mfenyana.  

Zimbabwe’s Pokello Nare - a socialite, entrepreneur and former Big Brother contestant is also dressed by Materialgalz.  


Charity is a travel enthusiast. She has been to many countries in the world.

In 2018, she visited London, New York, Italy, Paris, Spain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai all in a couple of months. 

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Mediterranean Sea
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Charity is married to Shadrack Baaitse, a renowned businessman in Botswana.

Her husband is the pastor of High Praise Christian Church, which is situated in Maruapula inside Goalestown Estate. 

Shadrack and Charity are business partners. They own the Prevailing Securities business. The security company provides transport services for cash and a fleet of aircraft some of which he has been lending to former President Khama for private travels.

He also owns El Shaddai Building Construction.


Charity and her husband had their cars raided in 2019. 

According to Sunday Standard, the raid came after allegations the businessman wanted to sell one of his aircraft to the former president his Excellency Lt Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama, but Shardrak denied the allegation.

They have also had a lifestyle audit by government anti-corruption agencies; Directorate of Intelligence Services and Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime. According to Shadrack, the audit only revealed that he was in debt, but not on any wrong side of the law. 
The couple was also rumoured to be going through a divorce, but Shadrack told Mmegi publication that the rumour is not true. 


Charity is a mom to two boys. Her eldest son is in Grade 10 and attends a boarding school in South Africa. 


Charity loves a nice set of wheels.
The Botswana socialite has some of the most luxurious collection of cars.

One of her cars is a Range Rover.
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She also drives a Ford Mustang GT.
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One of her cars is a Mercedes-AMG G63 which is retailed at P2 million. She got the car as Valentine’s Day present from her husband in 2018.
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